Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Preserving financial trading discipline with automated trade systems

Auto trading refers to the practice of letting software handle the task related to financial markets such as executing and placing orders to make money. The first aspect where this practice scores big is that it helps minimize emotions that can impair our judgment rendering us unable to take right decisions.

At every stage of trading the trading system will keep human emotions under check making it easier for trader to stick to the plan. It takes the hesitation out of placing a trade and finalizing the deal when the time is right, instead of delaying the decision. Since everything is automated, the user would not be able to raise any questions or hesitate to pull the trigger just when the timing is perfect.

Another way auto trading helps people is by preserving the discipline. Since all the rules are already set and established within the system, execution of trade is done on an auto mode. This way, the system helps preserve and maintain discipline during even the most volatile market conditions.

It does so by sticking to the plan and following it exactly the way it is supposed to. There is absolutely no room for committing any arithmetic errors where the user may accidently enter a 1000 shares when in fact he was supposed to enter a 100 share value.

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